Paul Rees Business Coach

I work with entrepreneurs and business professionals in Cardiff and across south Wales, who are committed to elevating themselves to achieve their current business and life goals

With a distinguished background as a seasoned business designer and expert in specialized business niches, I boast an extensive track record spanning over 20 years in the business and leadership coaching.

My client network spans across the USA, Canada, UK, and Europe. Complementing my expertise, I am also a prominent figure in the Radio and Television circuits, focusing on the intricate dynamics of business and human niche performance.

As an accomplished author and CEO my coaching methodology is both distinctive and widely recognized for its outcomes.


My insights and strategies have been shared on the prestigious TEDx stage, where I had the privilege to deliver a talk that inspired others to embrace the power of niching in their entrepreneurial journeys. As a coach, I continue to empower individuals to find their niche, providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s competitive business world.

Paul Rees

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